Effect of different season on crop performance of parental stock races of Bivoltine silkworm (Bombyx mori L.)

Abstract :

Study analyzed the various seasonal (summer, rainy and winter) effects on important cocoon and seed production parameters of parental silkworm stock race rearing conducted during the period of 2007- 2010 at basic seed farm. Popular elite bivoltine pure silkworm races like CSR2, CSR4, CSR6, CSR26, CSR27 and traditional bivoltine pure race NB4D2 were reared. Performances of the different races were analyzed and studied the seasonal effects. All the races showed better productivity and quality in rainy and winter season when compared to summer season. The results indicated that rearing performance and seed production parameters were comparatively better for CSR2, CSR6, CSR26 and CSR27 during rainy season. The traditional bivoltine dumb-bell race NB4D2 and elite bivoltine dumb-bell race CSR4 performed well during winter season for rearing as well as seed production parameters. During summer most of the rearing and seed parameters of NB4D2 recorded higher when compared to all other races and the rearing parameters like yield /100 dfls (76.61kg), pupation rate (94.29%) and recovery percentage of Dfls (32.75%) recorded comparatively higher than other races. The results of the study conclude that the races NB4D2 and CSR2 have performed well in all the seasons for most of the parameters studied and indicated the stabilized expression for the racial characters

Keyword :

Parental stock races, seasonal effect, rearing and seed production parameters

Author(s) : Rahmathulla, V. K., Kishor Kumar, C. M., Manjula, A., Sivaprasad, V.
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Published Issue : 2011 Vol. 6 Number 2

2011 Vol. 6 Number 2