A comprehensive contribution for leaf beetles of Turkey with a zoogeographical evaluation for all Turkish fauna (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)

Abstract :

The paper presents a comprehensive contribution for leaf beetles of Turkey with a zoogeographical analysis on entire Turkish fauna. Faunistical, taxonomical and zoogeographical information are given on 288 Turkish leaf beetles species with the present work. A check-list for all leaf beetles fauna of Turkey is also given in the text. Fifteen taxa as Plateumaris consimilis (Schrank, 1781) (Donaciinae); Labidostomis cyanicornis (Germar, 1822), Smaragdina djebellina (Lefevre, 1872) (Clytrinae); Chrysolina analis (Linnaeus, 1767), Chrysolina sacarum (Weise, 1890), Chrysolina orientalis thraeissa Bechyne, 1950, Phratora vulgatissima (Linnaeus, 1758) (Chrysomelinae); Galerucella grisescens (Joannis, 1866), Luperus viridipennis (Germar, 1824) (Galerucinae); Aphtona carbonaria Rosenhauer, 1856, Psylliodes picina (Marsham, 1802) (Alticinae); Cassida elongata Weise, 1893, Cassida flaveola Thunberg, 1794, Cassida parvula Boheman, 1854, Cassida sanguinosa Suffrian, 1844 (Cassidinae) are recorded from Turkey for the first time. Also, four taxa as Plateumaris sericea (Linnaeus, 1760) (Donaciinae); Smaragdina aurita (Linnaeus, 1767) (Clytrinae); Pachybrachis glycyrrhizae (Olivier, 1808) and Cryptocephalus octomaculatus Rossi, 1790 (Cryptocephalinae) are recorded from Anatolia for the first time. Moreover, fourteen taxa as as Lilioceris merdigera (Linnaeus, 1758), Crioceris sokolowi Jakobson, 1894, Oulema duftschmidi (Redtenbacher, 1874), Oulema gallaeciana Heyden, 1870 and Oulema melanopus (Linnaeus, 1758) for Criocerinae; Labidostomis humeralis Schneider, 1792, Tituboea arabica (Olivier, 1808) and Smaragdina graeca (Kraatz, 1872) for Clytrinae; Cryptocephalus concolor Suffrian, 1847 and Cryptocephalus violaceus Laicharting, 1781 for Cryptocephalinae; Chrysolina reitteri pseudolurida Roubal, 1917 and Entomoscelis suturalis Weise, 1882 for Chrysomelinae; Monolepta anatolica Bezdek, 1998 for Galerucinae and Chaetocnema sahlbergii (Gyllenhal, 1827) for Alticinae are added to the Palaearctic Catalogue. So, 2 genera Oulema and Monolepta for Turkish fauna are also added to the Palaearctic Catalogue. Furthermore, many taxa are also recorded from various provinces of Turkey for the first time

Keyword :

Chrysomelidae, Fauna, Zoogeography, new records, Turkey

Author(s) : Özdikmen, H.
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Published Issue : 2011 Vol. 6 Number 2

2011 Vol. 6 Number 2