Turkish species of Torymus Dalman, 1820 (Hymenoptera: Toryidae: Torymini), with descriptions of new species

Abstract :

Turkish species of Torymus Dalman, 1820 (Hymenoptera: Torymidae), collected from several parts of Turkey, were studied in the last 30 years. Totally 32 species of Torymus, were obtained, such as: the known species are T. nitidulus (Walker), T. cyaneus Walker, T. pygmaeus Mayr, T. ramicola Ruschka, T. igniceps Mayr, T. fastuosus Boheman, T. longicalcar Graham, T. flavipes (Walker), T. erucarum (Schrank), T. phillyreae Ruschka, T. apiomyiae Boucek & Mihajlovic, T. bedeguaris (Linnaeus), T. geranii (Walker), T. auratus (Muller), T. arcella Graham & Gijswijt, T. cultriventris Ratzeburg, T. verbasci Ruschka, T. cultratus Graham & Gijswijt, T. rubi (Schrank), the newly recorded species are T. pulchellus Thomson, T. quercinus Boheman, T. poae (Hoffmeyer), T. nobilis Boheman, T. micrurus Boucek, T. nigritarsus (Walker), T. artemisiae Mayr, T. monticola Graham & Gijswijt, T. hornigi Ruschka, T. tipulariarum Zetterstedt, T. millefolii Ruschka, and 2 new species are T. basarani sp. nov. and T. bingoelensis sp. nov. In order to identify the parasitoid species, an identification key for the known Turkish species, was provided. The new species were described, their diagnostic characters were illustrated and compared with the similar species of the genus

Keyword :

Torymus spp., Hymenoptera, Torymidae, Turkey

Author(s) : Doğanlar, M.
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Published Issue : 2017 Vol. 12 Number 1

2017 Vol. 12 Number 1