Toxicity of several insecticides to white peach scale, Pseudaulacaspis pentagona Targioni (Hemiptera: Diaspididae)

Abstract :

White peach scale, Pseudaulacaspis pentagona Targioni, as a common pest of peach, has become the most important pest of peach in Iran. We tested the effect of five insecticides including, diazinon, azinphosmethyl, chlorpyrifos, methoxyfenozide, spinnosad and mineral oil on the adult stage of white peach scale. Experiments were done under laboratory conditions (22 ± 2 °C and 60 ± 5 % RH). Toxicity of various insecticides to P. pentagona was assessed by dipping method (infested branches to scale dipping in solutions of insecticides for 10 S). In all treatments, the mortality percentage was determined after 24 h. Bioassay results showed that chlorpyrifos had high toxicity on white peach scale. The LC90 values were 11636.94, 12243.03, 14181.02, 17254.60, 21603.60 and 30954.77ppm for chlorpyrifos, diazinon, azinphosmethyl, mineral oil, spinosad and methoxyfenozide, respectively. Mineral oil had the moderate toxic effect on P. pentagona; thus the use of mineral oil to prevent the build-up of the pest population could be a useful alternative to other insecticides or mixed with them because of its least adverse effects on human and environment

Keyword :

Pseudaulacaspis pentagona, mineral oil, insecticides, environment

Author(s) : Bazrafshan, M., Razmjou, J., Damavandian, M. R., Rafiee-Dastjerdi, H.
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Published Issue : 2010 Vol. 5 Suppl.

2010 Vol. 5 Suppl.