To history of studies on net-winged insects (Neuroptera: Mantispidae, Ascalaphidae, Myrmeleontidae, Nemopteridae) in Azerbaijan

Abstract :

The paper contains information about history of the study of the net-winged insects (Neuroptera: Mantispidae, Ascalaphidae, Myrmeleonditae, Nemopteridae in Azerbaijan. The article contains information about the history of the survey of net-winged insects (Neuroptera: Myrmeleonditae, Ascalaphidae, Mantispidae, Nemopteridae) in Azerbaijan. The names of researchers involved in the collection of net-winged insects in Azerbaijan and the museums in which the collected material is hosted are listed. To obtain the information necessary for compiling the article, we worked on the entomological collections of the Institute of Zoology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Zoological Museum of Moscow State University and the Museum of Natural History of Georgia. Studies have established that as a result of collecting material related to such families of net-winged insects as Mantispidae, Ascalaphidae, Myrmeleontidae and Nemopteridae of Azerbaijan, 565 specimens belonging to 33 species and 1 morph were registered, of which 456 specimens of 33 species and 1 morph were hosted in the entomological collection of the Zoological Institute of RAS. Eight of these species, 1 individual each, are also kept in the entomological collection of Moscow State University. The entomological collection of the Museum of Natural History of Georgia contains 101 individuals belonging to 11 species.

Keyword :

Neuroptera, entomological collection, mantidflies, owlflies, antlions, thread-winged lacewings

Author(s) : Kerimova, I.
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Published Issue : 2023 Vol. 18 Number 1

2023 Vol. 18 Number 1