The orb-web weavers spiders fauna of the Central Anatolian Region in Turkey with three new records for Turkey (Araneae: Araneidae)

Abstract :

In this study, twenty seven species from Araneidae were collected in Central Anatolia and investigated. Distribution in the world was given. Three species, Araniella inconspicua (Simon 1874), Araniella alpica (Koch, 1869), Zygiella x-notata (Clerck, 1757) were recorded for the first time in Turkey. Morphology of samples were exactly identified. Moreover, bulbus which is copulatory organ in male, and epigynum which is external genitalia in female were investigated and illustrated. The characteristic features are not different from those of European specimens.

Keyword :

Araneidae, Araneae, Arachnida, Fauna, Central Anatolia Region, Turkey

Author(s) : Türkeş, T., Mergen, O.
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Published Issue : 2008 Vol. 3 Number 1

2008 Vol. 3 Number 1