The genotoxic effects of some edible insects on human whole blood cultures

Abstract :

In this study, we aimed to determine the effects of different aquatic insect extracts on SCE frequency of cultured human blood lymphocytes. With this aim, the heparinized blood samples obtained from two non-smoking individuals with no history of exposure to any toxic agent. The water soluble extracts containing all body parts were sterilized and added to the culture tubes at different concentrations (10-100 mg/L). SCEs were visualized by a combination of Fluorescent and Giemsa (FPG) techniques. In comparison to control sets, the treatments of different concentrations of water soluble insect extracts did not elevate (p<0.05) the frequencies of SCEs. Furthermore, the present findings revealed that human blood cultures may be a useful in vitro system for evaluating the mutagenic potential of edible insect species

Keyword :

Edible Insects, Genotoxicity, Human Blood Culture, SCE Test

Author(s) : Türkez, H.
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Published Issue : 2009 Vol. 4 Number 2

2009 Vol. 4 Number 2