Taxonomic studies on Dung Beetles (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae, Geotrupidae, Hybosoridae) of Chhattisgarh, India

Abstract :

The study presents taxonomic account of 52 species of dung beetles belonging to 22 genera, 12 tribes, 04 subtribes, 05 subfamilies and 03 families viz. Scarabaeidae, Geotrupidae and Hybosoridae from Chhattisgarh. Interactive identification keys to the subfamilies, tribes, genera and species were prepared by studying thoroughly the morphological characters of all the dung beetles specimens collected from the state. The subfamilies; Aphodiinae and Orphninae and the genera namely; Aphodius, Bolboceras, Caccobius, Copris, Drepanocerus, Phaeochrous, Phalops, Rhyssemus, Sisyphus, Tiniocellus, Oniticellus, Onitis and Orphnus are first time studied, illustrated and keyed from the state. Out of 52 species, 36 species are reported as addition to the dung beetle fauna of Chhattisgarh. Based on the collection data, the highest number of species were recorded from Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary (41spp.) followed by Achanakmar-Amarkantak Biosphere Reserve (27 spp.) and Kanger Valley National Park (15 spp.)

Keyword :

Taxonomy, Chhattisgarh, dung beetles, identification keys, new records and distribution

Author(s) : Chandra, K., Gupta, D.
Downloads : 1927
Published Issue : 2013 Vol. 8 Number 1

2013 Vol. 8 Number 1