Substitute names for homonym species of Cytherellidae (Ostracoda: Podocopa: Platycopida)

Abstract :

For primary junior homonyms of ostracod species within the Cytherellidae the following replacement names are proposed: Cytherella elongatavalva nom. nov. for Cytherella elongata Donze, 1964; Cytherella gaasensis nom. nov. for Cytherella cuneata Deltel, 1963; Cytherella gupcoensis nom. nov. for Cytherella inflata Wasfi, El Sweify & Abdelmalek, 1982; Cytherella insulaetremiti nom. nov. for Cytherella dissimilis Dall'Antonia, 2003; Cytherella kerryswansoni nom. nov. for Cytherella elongata Swanson, 1969; Cytherella obesina nom. nov. for Cytherella obesa Dall'Antonia & Bossio, 2001; Cytherella pierredonzei nom. nov. for Cytherella inaequata Donze, 1966; Cytherelloidea robinwhatleyi nom. nov. for Cytherelloidea malaccaensis Whatley & Zhao, 1988; and Cytherelloidea undosa nom. nov. for Cytherelloidea undulata Scheremeta, 1969. In addition, Platella drexlerae (Field, 1967) comb. nov.; Platella gaasensis (Kempf, 2012) comb. nov.; and Platella kempfi (Whatley, 1986) comb. nov. are proposed

Keyword :

Cytherella, Cytherelloidea, Platella, Ostracoda, nomenclatural changes, junior homonyms, substitute names

Author(s) : Kempf, E. K.
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Published Issue : 2012 Vol. 7 Number 2

2012 Vol. 7 Number 2