Sphecid wasps from East Azarbaijan province, Iran (Hymenoptera: Sphecidae)

Abstract :

Thirty eight species of sphecid wasps from East Azarbaijan Province are listed. Two genera (Diploplectron Fox, Tracheliodes Morawitz) and four species (Psenulus pallipes (Panzer, 1798), Ropalum coarctatum Scopoli 1763, Ectemnius sexcinctus (Fabricius, 1775) and Cerceris rybyensis (Linnaeus, 1771) are new records for the fauna of Iran.

Keyword :

Sphecidae, Iran, Fauna, East Azarbaijan

Author(s) : Ghazi-Soltani, G., Ebrahimi, E., Iranipour, S., Pour Abad, R. F.
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Published Issue : 2010 Vol. 5 Number 2

2010 Vol. 5 Number 2