Some data for the color/pattern polymorphism of Philaenus spumarius (L.) (Hemiptera: Aphrophoridae) in Sinop population, Turkey

Abstract :

The color/pattern polymorphism of Philaenus spumarius L. (Hemiptera: Aphrophoridae) was investigated in Sinop, Turkey (West- Black Sea Region). 660 adult spittlebugs were analyzed according to their phenotype and phenotype frequency in Sinop populations. The adult spittlebugs were collected between April-September 2016. In the study area eight different phenotypes; three of them which were non melanics and five melanics were detected. Non melanics are POP (populus), TYP (typicus) ve TRI (trilineatus); melanics are MAR (marginellus), LAT (lateralis), FLA (flavicollis), LCE (leucopthalmus) and QUA (quadromaculatus). Without sex difference, non melanic frequency was 94.55% and melanic frequency was 5.45% in Sinop populations and melanic forms limited to females. TYP is predominant in females whereas POP in males.

Keyword :

Philaenus spumarius, color polymorphism, Sinop, Turkey

Author(s) : Tanyeri, R., Zeybekoğlu, Ü.
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Published Issue : 2019 Vol. 14 Number 2

2019 Vol. 14 Number 2