Similarity coefficient of zooplankton species in the Mingachevir and Varvara reservoirs

Abstract :

Zooplankton is the main component of hydrofauna of water basins. Zooplankton organisms have an important place in the food chain. Thus, they are considered to be the secondary or intermediate productivity of water basins by forming the food of planktonophage fish. In addition, zooplankton organisms play an important role in cleaning polluted waters. They are typical filter feeders as they feed on bacteria, detritus and algae. The role of zooplankton organisms as an indicator is great in determining the water pollution degree. Mingachevir and Varvara reservoirs are important reservoirs of the Republic of Azerbaijan with rich hydrofauna. The zooplankton of both reservoirs has not been studied for many years. This article provides information on the species composition of zooplankton in Mingachevir and Varvara reservoirs in 2019-2022 years. A total of 48 species are recorded in both reservoirs during the research years. Among the reservoirs, a high similarity coefficient (73.7%) belongs to Copepods, while a low similarity coefficient refers to Cladocerans (66.7%).

Keyword :

Mingachevir and Varvara reservoirs, zooplankton, similarity coefficient

Author(s) : Tapdiqova, K. A.
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Published Issue : 2023 Vol. 18 Number 1

2023 Vol. 18 Number 1