Sesamia botanephaga Tams & Bowden, 1953 auct. in Iran, read Sesamia nonagrioides (Lefèbvre, 1827) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Abstract :

Sesamia botanephaga Tams & Bowden, 1953 was reported in Iran, for the first time, from sugarcane fields of Khuzestan province, SW Iran. The accuracy of this report was dubitable, because S. botanephaga is a native species to Africa. In this investigation, samples were taken from agricultural fields of Khuzestan and Fars provinces in 2007. Taxonomic study revealed that all samples were Sesamia nonagrioides (Lefèbvre, 1827); thus African S. botanephaga (or S. nonagrioides botanephaga) does not occur in Iran

Keyword :

Sesamia botanephaga, Sesamia nonagrioides botanephaga, Sesamia nonagrioides, sugarcane stem borer, Iran

Author(s) : Esfandiari, M., Mossadegh, M. S., Shishehbor, P.
Downloads : 2012
Published Issue : 2011 Vol. 6 Number 1

2011 Vol. 6 Number 1