Seasonal flight activity and temporal dynamics of species richness of sawflies (Hymenoptera: Symphyta) in the Anatolian and Pannonian biogeographic regions

Abstract :

Seasonal flight activity and seasonal dynamics of sawfly species richness in the Anatolian and Pannonian biogeographical regions are analysed: seasonal flight activity and temporal dynamics charts show different patterns in the two regions. Inside these biogeographic regions, the same pattern is repeated year by year. The Pannonian temporal patterns belong to multiple events category:  single type and univariable pattern. In opposite of this, the Anatolian pattern belongs to low complexity level and show the simplest pattern: single event and lag pattern. In the Pannonian region, the population density during the first peak 2-13x as large than in the second peak. The cumulative species richness during the first, spring peak is 3-14x as large as that in the second (summer) peak. Dominance and diversity indices also show significant differences between the 2 regions: Pannonian biogegraphic region hold high sawfly diversity while Anatolian biogeographic region hold high dominance of certain sawflies.

Keyword :

Hymenoptera, Anatolian biogeographic region, Pannonian biogeographic region, sawfly ecology

Author(s) : Kaplan, E., Haris, A., Kılıç, H.
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Published Issue : 2023 Vol. 18 Number 1

2023 Vol. 18 Number 1