Representatives of some families of the order Coleoptera damaging plants in Garabagh region

Abstract : For more than 30 years, research has not been carried out on the territory of Garabagh, and therefore there is no data on the current state of the entomofauna. An analysis of literary sources was carried out on works carried out over the period from the 60s to the mid-80s of the last century. The article provides information about 115 species belonging to 13 families of the order Coleoptera, which, according to literary sources, were noted in the Garabagh region: Bostrichidae - 1 species, Cantharidae - 1 species, Dermestidae - 2 species, Byturidae -1 species, Coccinellidae -1 species, Mordellidae -3 species, Meloidae - 5 species, Tenebrionidae - 8 species, Cerambycidae -19 species, Bruchidae - 9 species, Attelabidae – 4 species, Curculionidae -52 species, Scolytidae -7 species. The largest number belongs to the family Curculionidae (52). Species of the families Cerambycidae and Scolytidae, in which there are 19 and 7 species, respectively, are of particular danger to garden and forest trees. A wide range of food plants for these beetles, which includes various fruit trees, many vegetables, melons, industrial crops, cereals, and herbaceous plants is presented.
Keyword : Coleoptera, harmful beetles, Garabag
Author(s) : Eyvazov, A. G., Huseynova, E. A., Kerimova, I., Huseynzade, G. A.
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Published Issue : 2023 Vol. 18 Supplement

2023 Vol. 18 Supplement