Replacement names for some Asilidae genera (Diptera)

Abstract : Four junior homonyms were detected amongst the Asilidae genera and the following replacement names are proposed: Martinomyia nom. nov. for Martinia Hull, 1962 (nec M’Coy, 1844); Rhayatus nom. nov. for Mecynopus Engel, 1925 (nec Erichson, 1842); Oldroydella nom. nov. for Oldroydia Hull, 1956 (nec Dall, 1894); Prytanomyia nom. nov. for Prytania Oldroyd, 1974 (nec Debauche, 1938). Accordingly, new combinations are herein proposed for the species currently included in these genera: Martinomyia moloch (Hull, 1962) comb. nov. from Martinia moloch Hull, 1962; Martinomyia scalaris (Hermann, 1908) comb. nov. from Martinia scalaris (Hermann, 1908); Rhayatus pulverulentus (Engel, 1925) comb. nov. from Mecynopus pulverulentus Engel, 1925; Oldroydella hamata (Hull, 1956) comb. nov. from Oldroydia hamata Hull, 1956; Oldroydella costata (Joseph & Parui, 1999) comb. nov. from Oldroydia costata Joseph & Parui, 1999; Oldroydella femorata (Joseph & Parui, 1987) comb. nov. from Oldroydia femorata Joseph & Parui, 1987; Oldroydella josephi (Parui, 1999) comb. nov. from Oldroydia josephi Parui, 1999; Oldroydella scatophagoides (Walker, 1854) comb. nov. from Oldroydia scatophagoides (Walker, 1854); Prytanomyia albida (Oldroyd, 1974) comb. nov. from Prytania albida Oldroyd, 1974.
Keyword : nomenclatural changes, homonymy, replacement names, robber flies, Asilidae, new combinations
Author(s) : Özdikmen, H.
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Published Issue : 2006 Vol. 1 Number 1

2006 Vol. 1 Number 1