Record of some Hemipteran insect pests of Litchi chinensis from Jammu district (J&K), India

Abstract :

Litchi occupies an important place among the fruits grown in Jammu district. Therefore keeping in view, the dietary and economic importance of litchi, the work was initiated in Jammu district to study the diversity of different insect pests attacking litchi plantations. Of the various insect pests recorded, pentatomid bugs belonging to order Hemiptera and family Pentatomidae causing serious damage to the litchi plantations. Adults and nymphs both cause damage to the trees by sucking sap from the tender leaves and cause damage on fruits by hard brownish punctures or black spots. These punctures affect the fruit’s edible quality and lower its market value

Keyword :

Litchi, pentatomid bugs, damage, Jammu

Author(s) : Gupta, P., Tara, J. S.
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Published Issue : 2014 Vol. 9 Number 2

2014 Vol. 9 Number 2