Preliminary work on Longhorned Beetles fauna of Kaz Dağları (Ida Mountain) and near with two new subspecies (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae)

Abstract :

This study is based on materials were collected from Kaz Dağları and near between May-September 2006-2008. A total of 30 species of 17 genera belonging to 5 subfamilies of Cerambycidae are recorded in the research area. All of them are the first record for fauna of Kaz Dağları. Two of them are described by Özdikmen as new subspecies from Balıkesir province (Dorcadion pilosipenne kazdagense Özdikmen ssp. n. and Dorcadion scabricolle crassofasciatum Özdikmen ssp. n.)

Keyword :

Cerambycidae, Kaz Dağları, new subspecies, Coleoptera, Turkey

Author(s) : Küçükkaykı, E. C., Şirin, Ü., Çalışkan, H., Şenyüz, Y.
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Published Issue : 2013 Vol. 8 Number 1

2013 Vol. 8 Number 1