Ostracods of quaternary sediments of the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Abstract :

We study the benthic ostracods from the vibro-core KP60Bis of the estuary of Bahia Blanca, province of Buenos Aires. In the upper area of the core (Z2) the ostracofauna this domain is diverse with Loxocythere variasculpta Whatley, Moguilevsky, Toy, Chadwick and Ramos Neocytherideis ruidis Whatley, Moguilevsky, Chadwick, Toy and Callistocythere litoralensis (Rossi de Garcia). Within fitales and parafitales ostracods recovered Paracytherois sp. and Pellucistoma elongata Whatley, Moguilevsky, Chadwick, Toy and Feijo. Towards the top of the core is recorded species of continental origin as Limnocythere sp., Ilyocypris gibba Ramdhor, 1808 and Cypridopsis vidua O.F. Müller, 1776. In the middle sector (Z1) were abundant specimens of ostracods valves assigned to Ambostracon (Ambostracon) tenuireticulata Kotzians, 1982, Cornucoquimba lutziana, Zabert, 1978 and Caudites ohmerti Coimbra and Ornellas, 1987. Micropalaeontological analysis shows that the studied sediments were deposited in intertidal estuarine, affected by changes in sea level during the late Holocene.

Keyword :

Ostrcodes, Holocene, Bahia Blanca, estuary

Author(s) : Kihn, R. G., Gómez, E. A.
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Published Issue : 2015 Vol. 10 Number 1

2015 Vol. 10 Number 1