On the elaterid fauna (Coleoptera) of Buxa Tiger Reserve (BTR), West Bengal, India

Abstract :

Present study deals with the elaterid fauna of Buxa Tiger Reserve, West Bengal, India. 12 species of 8 genera belonging to 6 subfamilies of Elateridae are taxonomically evaluated. Among them, the genus Camososternus Latreille and 4 species viz. Cardiophorus bucculatus Candeze, Camososternus gigas Vats, Heteroderes sericeus Candeze and Megapenthes variabilis Vats & Chauhan are reported for the first time from the state while 7 others (marked by œ) are new from the study area

Keyword :

Elateridae, BTR, West Bengal, India, new record

Author(s) : Sarkar, S., Saha, S., Raychaudhuri, D.
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Published Issue : 2012 Vol. 7 Number 2

2012 Vol. 7 Number 2