Occurence of an introduced synantropic sun jumping spider (Araneae: Salticidae) in Türkiye

Abstract : The first record of the sun jumping spider Heliophanus apiatus Simon, 1868 for the fauna of Türkiye is reported from İstanbul province. It was probably imported to USA from northwestern Mediterranean together with fruits. Its presence in Türkiye represents the easternmost boundary of this species in Europe. The images and measurements of the specimens are presented in addition to their distribution map from İstanbul.
Keyword : Araneae, Salticidae, Heliophanus apiatus, İstanbul, new record
Author(s) : Düzgünses, F. A., Coşar, İ., Danışman, T.
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Published Issue : 2024 Vol. 19 Number 1

2024 Vol. 19 Number 1