Notes on host plants of the subspecies of Stenhomalus (Obriopsis) bicolor (Kraatz) (Cerambycidae: Cerambycinae: Stenhomalini) with new host plants and distribution records from Turkey

Abstract :

The detection of cerambycids and their feeding preferences within the natural ecosystems is of great ecological and economic importance. Accordingly, the paper presents two subspecies of Stenhomalus bicolor (Kraatz) with new data on their feeding preferences and distribution patterns for the first time. According to the present study, both subspecies of Stenhomalus bicolor (Kraatz) prefer deciduous trees or shrubs as their host plants. As a result, Berberis sp. (Berberidaceae) is determined as new host plants species and family for Stenhomalus bicolor bicolor (Kraatz), while Cercis sp. (Caesalpiniaceae), Cornus sp. (Cornaceae), Ficus carica (Moraceae), Crataegus sp., Prunus laurocerasus (Rosaceae), Myrtus communis (Myrtaceae) and Styrax officinale (Styracaceae) are determined as new host plants species and families for Stenhomalus bicolor yazelae Özdikmen. In addition, Stenhomalus bicolor bicolor (Kraatz) is recorded for the first time from Ankara and Gümüşhane provinces in Turkey, while Stenhomalus bicolor yazelae Özdikmen is recorded for the first time from Adana and Muğla provinces in Turkey.

Keyword :

Stenhomalus bicolor, host plants, provincial and regional distribution, new distributional records, Turkey, W-Palaearctic region

Author(s) : Özdikmen, H.
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Published Issue : 2023 Vol. 18 Number 1

2023 Vol. 18 Number 1