Nomenclatural changes for nine crustacean genera (Crustacea: Copepoda)

Abstract :

Nine junior homonyms were detected amongst the crustacean genera and the following replacement names are proposed: Dusartius nom. nov. for Parathalassius Dusart, 1986; Andronovius nom. nov. for Delius Andronov, 1972; Hesseius nom. nov. for Scotophilus Hesse, 1881; Pordfus nom. nov. for Ophirion Por, 1967; Pesceus nom. nov. for Paracamptus Chappuis, 1929; Raowellsia nom. nov. for Langia Wells & Rao, 1987; Markevichus nom. nov. for Caligopsis Markevich, 1940; Neoalbionella nom. nov. for Albionella Kabata, 1979 and Kabatazus nom. nov. for Advena Kabata, 1979. Accordingly, new combinations are herein proposed for the species currently included in these genera respectively: Dusartius fagesi (Dusart, 1986) comb. nov., Andronovius nudus (Sewell, 1929) comb. nov., Andronovius sewelli (Björnberg, 1982) comb. nov., Hesseius tricolor (Hesse, 1881) comb. nov., Pordfus communis (Por, 1967) comb. nov., Pesceus schmeili (Mrazek, 1893) comb. nov., Pesceus schmeili hamatus (Schmeil, 1893) comb. nov., Pesceus schmeili lapponica (Ekman, 1904) comb. nov., Pesceus schmeili brevisetosus (Thiebaud, 1907) comb. nov., Pesceus schmeili biserialis (Micoletzky, 1912) comb. nov., Pesceus schmeili subterraneus (Sterba, 1963) comb. nov., Pesceus baikalensis (Borutsky, 1931) comb. nov., Pesceus reductus (WilsonMS, 1956) comb. nov., Pesceus nakamurai (Chappuis, 1958) comb. nov., Pesceus reggiae (WilsonMS, 1958) comb. nov., Pesceus gasparoi (Stoch, 1998) comb. nov., Raowellsia maculata (Wells & Rao, 1987) comb. nov., Markevichus ponticus (Markevich, 1940) comb. nov., Neoalbionella globosa (Leigh-Sharpe, 1918) comb. nov., Neoalbionella centroscyllii (Hansen, 1923) comb. nov., Neoalbionella longicaudata (Hansen, 1923) comb. nov., Neoalbionella etmopteri (Yamaguti, 1939) comb. nov., Neoalbionella fabricii (Rubec & Hogans, 1988) comb. nov., Neoalbionella kabatai (Benz & Izawa, 1990) comb. nov., Kabatazus paradoxus (Kabata, 1979) comb. nov.

Keyword :

nomenclatural changes, homonymy, replacement names, Copepoda, Crustacea

Author(s) : Özdikmen, H.
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Published Issue : 2008 Vol. 3 Number 1

2008 Vol. 3 Number 1