New names for the preoccupied specific and subspecific epithets ın the genus Camponotus Mayr, 1861 (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

Abstract :

According to the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature (ICZN, 1999), Camponotus alii concolor Dalla Torre, 1893; Camponotus ( Myrmobrachys ) brasiliensis antennatus Santschi, 1925; Camponotus compressus nitens Bernard, 1953; Camponotus dentatus humeralis Wheeler, 1934; Camponotus foleyi hoggarensis Bernard, 1953; Camponotus fuscipennis Carpenter, 1930; Camponotus grandidieri mendax Emery, 1895; Camponotus hova luteolus Emery, 1925; Camponotus irritans puberulus Emery, 1920; Camponotus melanoticus nigrescens Santschi, 1939; Camponotus mutilatus luteiventris Stitz, 1938; Camponotus olivieri nitidior Santschi, 1926; Camponotus saussurei Theobald, 1937 and Camponotus transvaalensis arnoldi Prins, 1965 are not correct because the specific or subspecific epithets are illegitimate. The author request the replacement names of the specific and subspecific epithets concolor Dalla Torre, 1893; antennatus Santschi, 1925; nitens Bernard, 1953; humeralis Wheeler, 1934; hoggarensis Bernard, 1953; fuscipennis Carpenter, 1930; mendax Emery, 1895; luteolus Emery, 1925; puberulus Emery, 1920; nigrescens Santschi, 1939; luteiventris Stitz, 1938; nitidior Santschi, 1926; saussurei Theobald, 1937 and arnoldi Prins, 1965 and he suggest dallatorrei nom. nov., costaricanus nom. nov., bernardi nom. nov., fijianus nom. nov., pseudocompressus nom. nov., carpenteri nom. nov., eumendax nom. nov., cemeryi nom. nov., sumatranus nom. nov., kempfi nom. nov., stitzi nom. nov., zaireicus nom. nov., theobaldi nom. nov. and prinsi nom. nov. resppectively. Accordingly, new combinations are herein proposed for the species and subspecies: Camponotus alii dallatorrei nom. nov. pro Camponotus alii concolor Dalla Torre, 1893 syn. n., Camponotus brasiliensis costaricanus nom. nov. pro Camponotus brasiliensis antennatus Santschi, 1925 syn. n., Camponotus compressus bernardi nom. nov. pro Camponotus compressus nitens Bernard, 1953 syn. n., Camponotus dentatus fijianus nom. nov. pro Camponotus dentatus humeralis Wheeler, 1934 syn. n., Camponotus foleyi pseudocompressus nom. nov. pro Camponotus foleyi hoggarensis Bernard, 1953 syn. n., Camponotus carpenteri nom. nov. pro Camponotus fuscipennis Carpenter, 1930 syn. n., Camponotus grandidieri eumendax nom. nov. pro Camponotus grandidieri mendax Emery, 1895 syn. n., Camponotus hova cemeryi nom. nov. pro Camponotus hova luteolus Emery, 1925 syn. n., Camponotus irritans sumatranus nom. nov. pro Camponotus irritans puberulus Emery, 1920 syn. n., Camponotus melanoticus kempfi nom. nov. pro Camponotus melanoticus nigrescens Santschi, 1939 syn. n., Camponotus mutilatus stitzi nom. nov. Camponotus mutilates luteiventris Stitz, 1938 syn. n., Camponotus olivieri zaireicus nom. nov. pro Camponotus olivieri nitidior Santschi, 1926 syn. n., Camponotus theobaldi nom. nov. pro Camponotus saussurei Théobald, 1937 syn. n., Camponotus transvaalensis prinsi nom. nov. pro Camponotus transvaalensis arnoldi Prins, 1965 syn. n..

Keyword :

Nomenclatural change, homonymy, replacement name, Hymenoptera, Formicidae, Camponotus

Author(s) : Özdikmen, H.
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Published Issue : 2010 Vol. 5 Number 2

2010 Vol. 5 Number 2