New names for some preoccupied specific and subspecific epithets ın the family Formicidae (Hymenoptera)

Abstract :

According to the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature (ICZN, 1999), Tapinoma luteum emeryi (Forel, 1910) (Dolichoderinae: Tapinomini); Neivamyrmex mexicanus (Enzmann, 1952) (Ecitoninae: Ecitonini); †Formica parvula Dlussky, 1967 (Formicinae: Formicini); Crematogaster longispina boliviana Wheeler, 1925; Crematogaster subnuda formosae Wheeler, 1909; Crematogaster longiceps Forel, 1910 (Myrmicinae: Crematogastrini); Monomorium creticum (Emery, 1908); †Solenopsis major Théobald, 1937 (Myrmicinae: Solenopsidini); Pachycondyla ambigua (Weber, 1942); Pachycondyla apicalis (Smith, 1857); Pachycondyla arcuata (Karawaiew, 1925); Pachycondyla crassa ilgii Forel, 1910; Pachycondyla rubra javana (Forel, 1905); Pachycondyla nimba (Bernard, 1953); Pachycondyla sculpturata (Karawaiew, 1925) and Pachycondyla tarsata striata (Santschi, 1930) (Ponerinae: Ponerini) are not correct because the specific or subspecific epithets are illegitimate. The author request the replacement names of the specific and subspecific epithets emeryi (Forel, 1910); mexicanus (Enzmann, 1952); parvula Dlussky, 1967; boliviana Wheeler, 1925; formosae Wheeler, 1909; longiceps Forel, 1910; creticum (Emery, 1908); major Théobald, 1937; ambigua (Weber, 1942); apicalis (Smith, 1857); arcuata (Karawaiew, 1925); ilgii Forel, 1910; javana (Forel, 1905); nimba (Bernard, 1953); sculpturata (Karawaiew, 1925) and striata (Santschi, 1930) and he suggest natalicum nom. nov., enzmanni nom. nov., egecomerta nom. nov., nura nom. nov., nigrosubnuda nom. nov., longicephala nom. nov., pseudoepixenus nom. nov., alena nom. nov., gulera nom. nov., terminalis nom. nov., karawaiewi nom. nov., gamzea nom. nov., minirubra nom. nov., neonimba nom. nov., sumatrana nom. nov. and kaya nom. nov. resppectively. Accordingly, new combinations are herein proposed for the species and subspecies: Tapinoma luteum natalicum nom. nov. pro Tapinoma luteum emeryi (Forel, 1910) syn. n., Neivamyrmex enzmanni nom. nov. pro Neivamyrmex mexicanus (Enzmann, 1952) syn. n., †Formica egecomerta nom. nov. pro †Formica parvula Dlussky, 1967 syn. n., Crematogaster longispina nura nom. nov. pro Crematogaster longispina boliviana Wheeler, 1925 syn. n., Crematogaster subnuda nigrosubnuda nom. nov. pro Crematogaster subnuda formosae Wheeler, 1909 syn. n., Crematogaster longicephala nom. nov. pro Crematogaster longiceps Forel, 1910 syn. n., Monomorium pseudoepixenus nom. nov. pro Monomorium creticum (Emery, 1908) syn. n., †Solenopsis alena nom. nov. pro †Solenopsis major Théobald, 1937 syn. n., Pachycondyla gulera nom. nov. pro Pachycondyla ambigua (Weber, 1942) syn. n., Pachycondyla terminalis nom. nov. pro Pachycondyla apicalis (Smith, 1857) syn. n., Pachycondyla karawaiewi nom. nov. pro Pachycondyla arcuata (Karawaiew, 1925) syn. n., Pachycondyla crassa gamzea nom. nov. pro Pachycondyla crassa ilgii Forel, 1910 syn. n., Pachycondyla rubra minirubra nom. nov. pro Pachycondyla rubra javana (Forel, 1905) syn. n., Pachycondyla neonimba nom. nov. pro Pachycondyla nimba (Bernard, 1953) syn. n., Pachycondyla sumatrana nom. nov. pro Pachycondyla sculpturata (Karawaiew, 1925) syn. n., Pachycondyla tarsata kaya nom. nov. pro Pachycondyla tarsata striata (Santschi, 1930) syn. n.

Keyword :

Nomenclatural changes, homonymy, replacement names, Hymenoptera, Formicidae

Author(s) : Özdikmen, H.
Downloads : 1994
Published Issue : 2010 Vol. 5 Suppl.

2010 Vol. 5 Suppl.