New locality records on Sphecidae, Crabronidae and Scoliidae (Insecta: Hymenoptera) fauna of Turkey

Abstract :

In this study, 76 specimens were examined from different provinces of Turkey and in conclusion of this, 19 species belonging to 3 families were reported. Among them, Podalonia tydei (Le Guillou, 1841), Prionyx kirbii (Vander Linden, 1827), Sphex flavipennis Fabricius, 1793, Cerceris bupresticida Dufour, 1841 and Philanthus coronatus coronatus (Thunberg, 1784) from Manisa, Palmodes strigulosus (A. Costa, 1843) from Mersin, Stizoides tridentatus (Fabricius, 1775) from Aydın, İzmir and Mersin are recorded for the first time. In addition, distribution in Turkey and the world of the recorded species are given.

Keyword :

Hymenoptera, Sphecidae, Crabronidae, Scoliidae, fauna, Turkey

Author(s) : Örgel, S., Anlaş, S., Tezcan, S.
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Published Issue : 2020 Vol. 15 Number 2

2020 Vol. 15 Number 2