New faunastic records of Dermestidae (Coleoptera) from Kargil, India

Abstract :

The present study determined new faunastic records of Family dermestidae from Kargil. Kargil is one of the two districts of ladakh region known as Cold desert of the country (India) and falls in the transhimalayan mountain system. A total of 3 species belonging to 3 subfamilies viz., Dermestinae, Attageninae and Megatominae were recorded and described for the first time from the area under study.  Notes on the bionomy of all the three species is presented. Two species Anthrenus indicus and Attagenus gobicola are new records for the area

Keyword :

Coleoptera, new record, high altitude, Kargil, Dermestidae, cold desert, diversity

Author(s) : Feroz, M., Tara, J. S., Hava, J., Azam, M., Ramamurthy, V. V.
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Published Issue : 2016 Vol. 11 Number 1

2016 Vol. 11 Number 1