Morphological differences in metathoracic glands of different populations of Sunn Pest, Eurygaster integriceps Put. (Heteroptera: Scutelleridae)

Abstract :

Metathoracic scent glands could only be observed in adults of Heteroptera. These glands are located between metathoracic legs which pour open near leg’s coxa. Reservoirs are the main part of glands. Metathoracic scent glands of E. integriceps have an orange median reservoir and two colorless secretory tubules that their secretions directly release to median reservoir. Wave shaped accessory glands can be observed on the median reservoir. Dimension of glands directly relates with rate of secretion. Morphological characters of active and hibernating populations of sunn pest scent glands were studied in collected populations from Hamedan and Tabriz. After dissection scent gland dimension was measured by micrometer. Width and length of glands in widest and longest region were measured. Mean dimension of scent glands in active populations of Hamedan and Tabriz were 2.58±0.049 and 2.6±0.083 mm in males and 2.47±0.083 and 2.45±0.102 mm in females respectively. Also these dimensions in males of Hamedan and Tabriz overwriting Populations were 2.75±.088 and 2.79±0.082 mm and in females were 2.7±0.07 and 2.69±0.076 mm. Statistical analysis showed no significant differences in male and female glands dimension of each population. Glands dimension in active and Hibernating populations differed significantly (p<0.05)

Keyword :

Metathoracic gland, Sunn Pest, Eurygaster integriceps

Author(s) : Hassani, S., Pour Abad, R. F., Fazel, M. M., Mohammadi, D.
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Published Issue : 2010 Vol. 5 Number 1

2010 Vol. 5 Number 1