Introduction to assasian bugs (Het.: Reduviidae) in Mashhad region (Khorasan Razavi province) and their distribution

Abstract :

Due to limited available studies information about Reduviidae is rare in Iran and the world (Dispons & Villiers, 1967; Maldonado-Capriles, 1990; Modarres Awal, 1997). Reduviidae family is one of the most important bugs in the world, especially in biological control of pests. Some of these bugs are predator of pest insects such as aphids, psylls and thrips. A survey was conducted during 2007-2009 and the results showed that 20 species of 8 genera, Ectomocoris, Coranus, Reduvius, Oncocephalus, Rhynocoris, Holotrichius, Pirates and Nagusta were collected from studied areas and among them Coranus aegyptius (Fabricius, 1775), was the predominant species. Coranus subapterus (De Geer, 1773), Holotrichius mesoleucus (Kiritshenko, 1914) and Oncocephalus squalid (Rossi, 1790) have never been recorded in Iran. These species are marked with an asterisk. Lack of the information about these insects was the reason to identifing them in Mashhad, Iran. These species could be very promising agents for pest biocontrol

Keyword :

Fauna, Reduviidae, Mashhad, Iran

Author(s) : Rahimi, M., Awal, M. M., Mehneh, A. H.
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Published Issue : 2010 Vol. 5 Suppl.

2010 Vol. 5 Suppl.