Host preference and life cycle parameters of Chromatomya horticola Goureau (Diptera: Agromyzidae) on canola cultivars

Abstract :

Chromatomyia horticola Goureau (Diptera: Agromyzidae) is a pest of canola crop, Brassica napus L., in the Ardabil region. The resistance of six canola cultivars to C. horticola was studied in the two following experiments: (1) host feeding selection and (2) life cycle study. The host feeding selection of females, were carried out in a greenhouse at 23±1oC, 50±5% RH and 14L:10D; the number of punctures and mines on Hyola401, RGS003 and Opera was significantly lower than that on Talayh. In the life cycle study, the development, survivorship and reproduction of C. horticola raised on five canola cultivars, was studied under defined condition. The female lifetime of leafminer was 27.43d on Talayh, 28.67d on Zarfam, 29.8d on RGS003, 30.2d on Hyola401 and 32.5d on Opera; the female lifetime on Opera, Hyola401 and RGS003 was significantly longer than that on Talayh. The mean lifetime fecundity of leafminer on Talayh, Zarfam, RGS003, Hyola401 and Opera was 80.15, 82.18, 74.4, 76.1 and 67.57 eggs, respectively. Based on these results, we conclude that Talayh is the most suitable and Opera is the least suitable host plant for C. horticola

Keyword :

Chromatomyia horticola, host suitability, life-history parameters, leafminer

Author(s) : Fathi, S. A. A.
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Published Issue : 2010 Vol. 5 Number 1

2010 Vol. 5 Number 1