Harvestmen Fauna of the Soğuksu National Park, Ankara (Arachnida: Opiliones)

Abstract :

In spring, summer and autumn of 2003-2005, a total of 80 adults of harvestmen were colleted from Ankara, Kızılcahamam Soğuksu National Park, Çamlıdere Çamkoru forests and Bolu Gerede forests, and identified. In the National Park and its environment, 4 species in 3 genera and 2 families were determinated. Description, habitat, ecology and geographical distribution of the species were given. Together with Opilio parietinus, Zacheus crista, Dicranolasma giljarovi and D. scabrum the species number that recorded from Turkey raised to 41.

Keyword :

Harvestmen, Fauna, The Soğuksu National Park, Opiliones, Turkey

Author(s) : Çorak, İ., Bayram, A.
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Published Issue : 2007 Vol. 2 Number 2

2007 Vol. 2 Number 2