Ground and tiger beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) from Kerman and Khorasan provinces of Iran

Abstract :

As a result of a faunistic survey on Ground and tiger beetles which conducted mainly in agroecosystems in different localities of Kerman, Razavi and North Khorasan provinces of Iran, a total of 23 species were identified. Among them, 3 species, namely Nebria xanthacra Chaudoir, Pheropsophus africanus (Dejean), and Poecilus nitens (Chaudoir) are recorded for the first time in Iran. 21 species are new records for Kerman province. Also, 2 species are new for fauna of Khorasan provinces. Data regarding abundance, provincial and geographical distribution of reported species in this study are presented

Keyword :

Carabidae, Fauna, New record, Iran

Author(s) : Sadeghi, H., Saadi, S. H., Felix, R.
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Published Issue : 2011 Vol. 6 Number 1

2011 Vol. 6 Number 1