Further reporting with description of two rare spiders Inthaeron rossi and Cithaeron indicus (Araneae: Cithaeronidae) from India

Abstract :

The family Cithaeronidae Simon, 1893 is one of the poorly known but very interesting spider family represented by eight species in two genera namely, Cithaeron O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1872 and Inthaeron Platnick, 1991. In this paper, we report two rare Cithaeronid spiders from India viz., Inthaeron rossi Platnick, 1991 from Kalahandi district, Odisha in the east and Cithaeron indicus Platnick & Gajbe, 1994 from Solapur district, Maharashtra in the south and Kalahandi district, Odisha in the east. We are providing additional description of both the species. Also distribution map of cithaeronid species in India.

Keyword :

Cithaeron, distribution, India, Inthaeron, Maharashtra, Odisha

Author(s) : Choudhury, S. R., Malik, S., Hippargi, R., Siliwal, M., Das, S. K.
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Published Issue : 2020 Vol. 15 Number 2

2020 Vol. 15 Number 2