Forensic entomology research in India: A critical analysis of current state and future directions

Abstract : Forensic entomology plays a pivotal role in criminal investigations, utilizing insects and their evidence to estimate the post-mortem interval (PMI) and other critical aspects. This study aimed to conduct a comprehensive review of forensic entomological research papers by Indian researchers and categorizing the publications into distinct thematic areas. A thorough and critical process was used to choose appropriate manuscripts by conducting an extensive search across reputable academic search engines using specific keywords. Each retrieved manuscript was evaluated based on its direct relevance to forensic entomology and its alignment with pre-established criteria. Out of 73 research articles analyzed, six distinct categories were identified: successional studies (24 publications), developmental studies (18 publications), genetic and molecular studies (15 publications), case studies (8 publications), entomotoxicological studies (7 publications), and cuticular hydrocarbon studies (1 publication). The review highlights significant progress in forensic entomology research in India, but challenges remain, particularly in the limited coverage of studies across diverse geographical regions. To improve the accuracy and efficiency of forensic investigations, further research efforts, collaboration between forensic experts and government authorities, and the establishment of a comprehensive database are essential.
Keyword : Forensic entomology, India, case studies, insect colonization, necrophagous insects
Author(s) : Singh, C. P., Sharif, S., Qamar, A.
Downloads : 25
Published Issue : 2024 Vol. 19 Number 1

2024 Vol. 19 Number 1