Feeding preferences of the Turkish members of tribe Purpuricenini J. Thomson with new host plants (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae: Cerambycinae)

Abstract :

The detection of cerambycids and their feeding preferences within the natural ecosystems is of great ecological and economic importance. Accordingly, the paper presents all taxa of Turkish Purpuricenini with new data on their feeding preferences and distribution patterns for the first time. The available specimens were collected from various localities in Turkey between April and September in 1989­-2021. It is determined that Turkish Purpuricenini includes twelve species and seven subspecies of two genera. According to the present study, a total of 18 of 19 species-group taxa in Turkey of Purpuricenini prefer deciduous trees or shrubs as their host plants. Among them, 9 taxa and probably P. skypetarum zinaidae Lazarev are polyphagous in deciduous trees and shrubs, while 8 taxa seem monophagous in oak trees. Also one subspecies has been reported only from deciduous shrubs up to now. Interestingly, only one species as P. wachanrui Levrat is polyphagous only in herbaceous plants. As a result, Myrtus sp. (Myrtaceae) and Paliurus sp. (Rhamnaceae) are determined as new host plants species and family for Purpuricenus interscapillatus interscapillatus Plavilstshikov, while Pistacia sp. (Anacardiaceae), Quercus calliprinos Webb (= coccifera L.) (Fagaceae) and Ulmus sp. (Ulmaceae) are determined as new host plants species and families for Purpuricenus nigronotatus Pic. Also, Paliurus sp. (Rhamnaceae) is determined as new host plant species and family for Calchaenesthes primis Özdikmen, and as a new host plant species for Purpuricenus nudicollis Demelt. Moreover, Quercus cerris Linnaeus (Fagaceae), Quercus robur Linnaeus (Fagaceae) and Populus sp. (Salicaceae) are determined as new host plant species for Purpuricenus budensis (Götz). In addition, Calchaenesthes diversicollis Holzschuh is recorded for the first time from Turkey with exact locality data, and new provincial records for eleven species-group taxa are also presented.

Keyword :

Host plants, feeding preferences, provincial and regional distribution, new provincial records, Purpuricenini, Turkey

Author(s) : Özdikmen, H.
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Published Issue : 2023 Vol. 18 Number 1

2023 Vol. 18 Number 1