Faunistic study of the aquatic beetles (Coleoptera) of Trabzon province (Turkey)

Abstract :

In this study, we established the presence of 26 aquatic beetle species belonging to 16 genera and 5 families from the Trabzon province in the Black Sea region of Turkey. Specimens were collected between 2005 and 2006. Distributions of species within Turkey are presented as a catalogue of provincial records. Ten species are here recorded for the first time from the Black Sea region of Turkey. Several species known previously from only a few localities in Turkey have been shown to have much wider distributions in the country. In addition, the habitats and the phenologies of these species found in the area were given.

Keyword :

Coleoptera, Gyrinidae, Noteridae, Dytiscidae, Hydrophilidae, Helophoridae, fauna, Trabzon, Turkey

Author(s) : Karaman, B., Kıyak, S., Darılmaz, M.
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Published Issue : 2008 Vol. 3 Number 1

2008 Vol. 3 Number 1