Evaluation of oak tasar silkworm hybrids in different seasons for improvement in productivity

Abstract :

The rearing performance of sixteen hybrid combinations were evaluated to find out the superior hybrids. Rearing of the F1 hybrid progenies was conducted as per standard procedures during spring and summer crop in the years 2017 and 2018.The data generated in respect of eight economically important traits during spring and summer seasons of two years was recorded replication wise and pooled. The data was analyzed statistically and subjected to multiple trait evaluation index by following Mano’s evaluation index method. The breeds were ranked as per the cumulative score and the value of a particular trait in a particular breed was compared with the ranking. Seven hybrid combinations scored higher E.I. values greater than 50, out of which C27 × RPP and RPP × C27 displayed significantly superior performance in all the traits under study during both spring and summer seasons.  The highest average cumulative evaluation index score of 70.11 was recorded in C27 × RPP hybrid. The superior hybrids may be considered for large scale trials for assessing their commercial exploitability under specified environmental conditions in the valley regions of Manipur.

Keyword :

Oak tasar, silkworm, Antheraea proylei, hybrid, evaluation index

Author(s) : Chaudhuri, R. S., Debaraj, Y., Subharani Devi, S., Ibotombi Singh, N.
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Published Issue : 2019 Vol. 14 Number 2

2019 Vol. 14 Number 2