Evaluation of larvicidal effects of aqueous leaf and flower extracts of Ammi majus (Linn.) on mosquito larvae

Abstract :

As mosquitoes breed in water, they can be easily targeted in their larval stage. So, it becomes easy to control them in their habitat. The continuous application of synthetic insecticides leads to establishment of resistance in various vector species, increasing level of toxic compounds, risk to environment and ill effects on non­-target organisms. However, phytochemicals are promising in this aspect. Experimental study was carried out to study larvicidal effect of aqueous leaf and flower extracts of Ammi majus on larval stages of mosquitoes. Four different concentrations from leaf and flower each were made and also a control was maintained, effect was seen on mosquito larvae at an exposure time of 6 and 12 hours. In this article, aqueous extracts of leaf and flower were used as larvicidal agents. The least larvicidal mortality of 3.45% was observed in leaf extract at an exposure time of 6 hours and highest mortality of 62.07% was observed in flower extract at on exposure time of 12 hours.

Keyword :

Ammi majus, mosquito larvae, aqueous, exposure, phytochemicals, toxic

Author(s) : Dar, A. A., Jamal, K.
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Published Issue : 2021 Vol. 16 Number 2

2021 Vol. 16 Number 2