Effect of host plant on development and fecundity of Aphis gossypii Glover (Hemiptera: Aphididae)

Abstract :

Aphis gossypii is considered as important and polyphagous species on many host plant all over the world. During the study, some biological aspect of this insect pest was evaluated under constant condition (T= 26 � 1 �C, RH% = 60 �5, L:D = 16:8) on three detached cucumber and potato leaves in the laboratory of Seed and Plant Certification and Registration Institute Karaj, Iran. On cucumber (Mega-Sahra variety) the results showed that developmental period of immature stage was 4.75 and life cycle was assigned 9.90 days. Also, reproductive period with adult longevity were accounted 4.05 and 5.05 days. Net reproduction rate (R0) and rm (innate rate of increase) were estimated 60.40 and 0.481 at this temperature. Cotton aphid could not rear on potato varieties; Agria and Sante. Apparently, cucumber is better host than potato for studying developmental stages

Keyword :

Aphis gossypii, potato, cucumber, fecundity, developmental time

Author(s) : Forghani, S. H. R., Hassani, F., Ahadiyat, A., Rezvani, A.
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Published Issue : 2020 Vol. 15 Number 1

2020 Vol. 15 Number 1