Effect of emulsifiable oil on overwintering adults of olive psyllid Euphylura olivina Costa (Hom.: Aphalaridae) and its phytotoxicity on olive trees in Tarom region- Iran

Abstract :

Olive psyllid Euphyllura olivina Costa is the most important pest of olive trees in Tarom region. The results of recent investigations on controlling overwintering adults of olive psyllid using emulsifible oil instead of summer insecticides spraying, show very precise control and farmers apply these successfully in their gardens. In order to study the effects of oil spraying in winter and autumn and also its feasible phytotoxicity on olive trees.This study carried out as a factorial experiment in completely randomized design block considering oil dosage and time of spraying as factors. The results showed no significant differences between oil treatments but there was a significant difference among different times of spraying. Therefore with the progress of the season, sensitivity of overwintering adults of olive psyllid and also the percentage of control increased. Survey of 50 fruits weight indicated that 3% oil treatment decreased yield and caused phytotoxicity during November, December and March. According to this study, early March application of 2% oil is the best choice to control olive psyllid and 3% oil in February or 1% oil in March are recommended as alternatives

Keyword :

Olive psyllid, Oil spray, phytotoxicity, Euphyllura olivina

Author(s) : Khaghaninia, S.
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Published Issue : 2009 Vol. 4 Number 2

2009 Vol. 4 Number 2