E­­­­­cofriendly management of aphids on radish seed crop (Raphanus sativus), saving pollinators and predators

Abstract :

Aphids are the serious pest of radish seed crop. In an attempt to control this pest, two insecticides known as imidacloprid 200SL (Confidor) and carbosulfan 20 EC (Advantage) were tested for the control of aphids through spray and chemigation. It was observed that minimum aphid populations 1.36 per leaf and 3.10 per 6 inch shoot were recorded in the treatment where the imidacloprid was flooded in irrigation water.  Maximum height 51.50 inch was recorded in the treatments where carbosulfan was sprayed and imidacloprid was flood with maximum number of seeds 6.35 and 6.08 per pod. Moreover, it was noted that 1000 seed weight 15.73 g was recorded in the treatments where imidacloprid was flood and spray of carbosulfan i.e. 14.85 g per 1000 seeds. Maximum germination of seeds 92.50 percent was recorded in the treatments where imidacloprid was flood similar to the treatment where spray of carbosulfan and imidacloprid i.e. 90.50 and 85.0 percent. Average percent height 39.57 inch and seed per pod 77.47 was more in imidacloprid flood similar to carbosulfan spray. Pollinators like Apis dorsata 4.31, Aphis cerena 6.21, Syrphid fly 5.11 and bumble bees 3.28 were more on flood as compared to spray i.e.0.94, 1.79, 2.17, 0.03 per plant. This research work would be very helpful in devising sustainable control strategies.

Keyword :

Radish seed crop, aphids, insecticides, pollinators, predators

Author(s) : Karar, H., Hassan, Z., Ijaz, M., Khan, A. A., Abbas, S. K.
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Published Issue : 2020 Vol. 15 Number 2

2020 Vol. 15 Number 2