Diversity of hemipteran insect fauna and their relative abundance in rice (Oryza sativa L.) ecosystem

Abstract :

The study on the hemipteran fauna associated with rice and their abundance at Chiplima, Odisha, India was performed during wet period of 2017 and dry period of 2018. A total of 19 hemipteran insect taxa belonging to eight insect families were recorded in rice ecosystems during the study and prepared their simplified key for easy field identification and monitoring purpose. Among them, eight taxa viz., Nilaparvata lugens (Stal), Sogatella furcifera (Horvath), Nepotettix virescens (Distant), Nephotettix nigropictus (Stal), Nepotettix cincticeps (Uhler), Menida histrio Fabricius, Dolycoris indicus (Stal.), and Leptocoriza oratorius (Fabricius) were most abundant in rice ecosystem. During flowering and milking stages of the crop, pentatomids exhibited greater diversity whereas earhead bugs were common in dry period than wet period, being more prevalent in flowering and dough stages of the rice growth period. One Lygaeidae, Graptostethus servus (Fabricius) was first time recorded on rice.

Keyword :

Abundance, key, identification, rice, dry and wet period, hemipteran insects

Author(s) : Seni, A.
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Published Issue : 2021 Vol. 16 Number 2

2021 Vol. 16 Number 2