Distributional notes on some Nosodendridae (Coleoptera) - XXVI. Description of two new species with new distributional data

Abstract : : The new species Nosodendron (Dendrodipnis) lincangae sp. nov. from China, Yunnan province and Nosodendron (Dendrodipnis) sanggulense sp. nov. from West Sumatra are described, illustrated and compared with similar species. New locality data for the following species are mentioned: Nosodendron (Dendrodipnis) hisamatsui Yoshitomi, 2023 (India: Kerala State, Karnataka State), Nosodendron (Dendrodipnis) yunannense Yoshitomi, 2023 (China: Yunnan prov.), Nosodendron (Dendrodipnis) cameronicum Yoshitomi, 2023 (Malaysia: Pahang), Nosodendron (Dendrodipnis) ritsemae (Reitter, 1886) (Indonesia: Sumatra), Nosodendron (Dendrodipnis) sakaii Yoshitomi, 2023 (The Philippines: Mindanao).
Keyword : Taxonomy, description, new species, faunistic, Coleoptera, Nosodendridae, Nosodendron, Oriental Region
Author(s) : Hava, J.
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Published Issue : 2024 Vol. 19 Number 2

2024 Vol. 19 Number 2