Determination of the Sitona Germar (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) species on Fabaceae and their distribution in Iğdır province of Turkey

Abstract :

This study was conducted in Iğdır province, Eastern Anatolia region of Turkey to determine species diversity and distribution of Sitona Germar, 1817 (Coleoptera: Curculionidae). Sitona bicolor Schoenherr, 1832, S. callosus Gyllenhal, 1834, Sitona concavirostris Hochhuth, 1851, S. cylindricollis Fåhraeus, 1840, S. fairmairei Allard, 1869, S. hispidulus (Fabricius, 1777), S. humeralis Stephens, 1831, S. lineatus (Linnaeus, 1758), S. inops Schoenherr, 1832, S. longulus Gyllenhal, 1834, S. macularius (Marsham, 1802), S. sulcifrons (Thunberg, 1798), and S. puncticollis Stephens, 1831 were determined. Of these species, S. bicolor, S. concavirostris, S. cylindricollis, S. hispidulus, S. inops, S. sulcifrons, S. puncticollis and S. lineatus are determined from Iğdır province for the first time. According to material examined data, S. humeralis, S. concavirostris and S. bicolor are most common species while S. cylindricollis, S. fairmairei, S. hispidulus, S. inops, S. lineatus, S. macularius, S. sulcifrons, and S. puncticollis are rare species.

Keyword :

Sitona species, Fabaceae, Iğdır, Turkey

Author(s) : Gözüaçık, C., Velázquez De Castro, A. J., Gültekin, N.
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Published Issue : 2021 Vol. 16 Number 2

2021 Vol. 16 Number 2