Decreasing insect biodiversity in agriculture-reorient the strategy to reverse the trend for better future

Abstract :

With the onset of agricultural modernization, farmers and researchers have been faced many problems arising from the homogenization of agricultural systems: an increased use of pesticides and inorganic fertilizers causes environmental and health problems, vulnerability of crops to insect pests, insecticides resistance and decreasing insect biodiversity. The adoption and expansion of monocultures has decreased the abundance and activity of natural enemies and pollinators by destruction of their food resources and shelters. For this, adoption of agro-ecological based techniques is necessary to save agro-ecosystems from the loss of insect biodiversity and other environmental problems. Agro-ecological based techniques is an approach to restore or enhance biodiversity in the crop ecosystem by adopting different techniques such as land sharing and sparing approach through mixed cropping or creation of conservation corridors or maintained by plantation or forestry plants and less use of pesticides and inorganic fertilizers. It is a conscious set of human activities based on ecological principles and other disciplines of science with the aim of making agriculture sustainable.

Keyword :

Agro-ecosystems; insect biodiversity; conservation; agro-ecological techniques

Author(s) : Seni, A.
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Published Issue : 2022 Vol. 17 Number 1

2022 Vol. 17 Number 1