Control of garlic fly, Delia sp. (Diptera: Anthomyiidae) autumn generation by means of seed coating pesticide

Abstract :

Garlic fly, Delia sp. is one of the most important pests of garlic in the Tarom area. In order to control the pest autumn generation, this study was carried out as completely randomized design block experiment considering two different Carbaryl treatments in three replications. The results showed that seed coating with 4 g/ Lit Carbaryl solution gave the satisfied control against garlic fly attack and increased the yield more than 50.78% in comparison to the control but seed treatment with Carbaryl powder in rate of 2 g/kg of garlic seed, illustrated moderate control. The emerged seedlings number during about one- month intervals showed no significant differences among the treatments and control but seed coating especially with Carbaryl solution produced the most robust seedlings

Keyword :

Garlic fly, Delia sp., Pesticide control, Seed coating, Carbaryl

Author(s) : Khaghaninia, S., Pour Abad, R. F., Mohammadi, D.
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Published Issue : 2009 Vol. 4 Number 2

2009 Vol. 4 Number 2