Comparative toxicity of five insecticides against subterranean termite, Amitermes vilis (Isoptera: Termitidae) under laboratory conditions

Abstract :

Subterranean termite, Amitermes vilis (Hagen) is one of the most important insect pests in Iran, which cause a serious economic damage to agricultural and urban areas, natural resources, and historic monuments. Toxicity of five insecticides including Agenda EC 25 (fipronil), Consult EC 100 (hexaflumuron), Admiral EC 100 (pyriproxyfen), Confidor SC 350 (imidacloprid), Reldan EC 400 (chlorpyrifos methyl) were evaluated against A. vilis. To determine LC50 of the insecticides, bioassay was carried out on worker termites of A. vilis. The LC50 values for fipronil, pyriproxyfen, hexaflumuron, imidacloprid and chlorpyrifos methyl were 3.48, 9.56, 32.02, 2.02 and 0.09 ppm, respectively. The LT50 value of pyriproxyfen was shorter than hexaflumuron. The results showed that fipronil and imidacloprid were respectively the most effective insecticides for a short term control of the termite. It could be concluded that the toxicity of pyriproxyfen was higher than hexaflumuron

Keyword :

Amitermes vilis, fipronil, pyriproxyfen, hexaflumuron, imidacloprid, chlorpyrifos methyl, bioassay

Author(s) : Rashid, M., Garjan, A. S., Naseri, B., Saberfar, F.
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Published Issue : 2012 Vol. 7 Number 2

2012 Vol. 7 Number 2