Biology and effect of temperature on larval development time of Chironomus riparius Meigen (Diptera: Chironomidae) under laboratory conditions

Abstract :

Biology of Chironomus riparius was studied at 26¡Ó1 oC. Larval development time of C. riparius was also studied at six temperatures (18 ¡Ó 1, 22 ¡Ó 1, 24 ¡Ó 1, 26 ¡Ó 1, 28 ¡Ó 1 and 30¡Ó 1 oC, respectively). The sex ratio of this chironomid was 0.58 „b 0.033. Mean number of eggs in each gelatinous egg mass and percentage of egg hatch were 509.38 „b 42.27 and 97.47 „b 0.64, respectively. Females preferred sites with red colors for oviposition. Incubation period before hatching of eggs, larval and pupal development period and adult longevity were 3.76 „b 0.39, 22.5 „b 1.38, 1 „b 0 and 2.30 „b 0.17 days at 26 ¡Ó 1 oC, respectively. The shortest and the longest larval development period were at 22, 24¡Ó1 and 18 ¡Ó 1 oC, respectively. Developmental rate increased with increasing temperature to 26 oC

Keyword :

Developmental rate, Chironomus riparius, ovipostion sites, percentage of egg hatch, sex ratio

Author(s) : Sahragard, A., Rafatifard, M.
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2010 Vol. 5 Suppl.