Biodiversity and breeding of Tadorna ferruginea (Pallas) (Anatidae: Anseriformes) from chandertal wetland: a ramsar site in Trans Himalayas

Abstract : Biodiversity and breeding of Tadorna ferruginea (Pallas) (Anatidae: Anseriformes) commonly known as Brahminy Shelduck or Ruddy Shelduck have been recorded from Chandertal wetland, an internationally known Ramsar site in cold desert of North West Trans Himalayan ecosystem (4300 mt. amsl). Brahminy Shelduck has already been reported from Pong dam, a Ramsar site at an altitude of 390-423 meter above mean sea level in Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh. But its population dynamics and breeding have been recorded for the first time from Chandertal wetland, a high altitude lake in Trans-Himalayas. The new breeding habitat and population dynamics in the context of global warming and climate change are interesting as these changes are clearly affecting the breeding grounds and migratory habits and habitats of many birds.
Keyword : Ruddy Shelduck, diversity, breeding, clutch size, Chandertal wetland, Trans Himalayas
Author(s) : Thakur, D. R., Mehta, A., Singh, R., Kumar, R.
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Published Issue : 2023 Vol. 18 Supplement

2023 Vol. 18 Supplement