Bertolanius nom. nov., a replacement name for the genus Amphibolus Bertolani, 1981 (Tardigrada: Parachela) with type species designation

Abstract :

A junior homonym was detected amongst the tardigrade genera and the following replacement name is proposed: Bertolanius nom. nov. for Amphibolus Bertolani, 1981. Accordingly, new combinations are herein proposed for the species currently included in this genus. Also the oldest species, Amphibolus smreczynskii (Wêglarska, 1970) is herein designated as the type species for Amphibolus Bertolani, 1981 that is unavailable name without type species according to ICZN (1999).

Keyword :

nomenclatural change, homonymy, replacement name, Tardigrada

Author(s) : Özdikmen, H.
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Published Issue : 2008 Vol. 3 Number 1

2008 Vol. 3 Number 1